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Image of Shakira that gives what to talk about

The colombian singer is seen on the beach kissing a man who is not the father of your children.

Ruben Di Liddo

By Ruben Di Liddo


This weekend, a photo of Shakira has given a lot to talk about to your followers and not just for their beauty or talent but rather the opposite: the singer-songwriter appears giving a kiss to a man who, from far away, note that it is not the footballer Gerard Pique.

After almost a decade of relationship and the conception of two children, Shakira and the Spanish have been consolidated as one of the couples most stable, followed and loved.

If the image is viralizó quickly, at the same time the fans of the singer fought back and claimed that, while evidently the man is not Pique, this is the ex boyfriend of Shakira: Antonio de la Rúa, and therefore, it is an old photo.