The radical change of look of Halle Berry: it is a rapa hair!


To his 52 years, Halle Berry it is one of the stars of Hollywood that inspires other women on issues related to beauty. For example, the actress share with your fans workout routines demonstrating his great strength, or broth-based collagen which prevents sagging. From the past January, his training became even more hard to prepare for the filming of the movie John Wick 3, a feature film that has just been released and, in one of the last events to promote it, Halle has staged a change of look with the that demonstrates that, beyond the fitness, he dares with everything. The new hairstyle of Berry it is called ‘undercut art’ and consists in raparse the part of the nape of the neck and draw strokes artistic with the razor. What is the result? The court most shocking of the interpreter up to the moment.

If there is something that Halle Berry is not afraid of is to the radical changes: has led the long-haired, short, smooth, curly… and with each style shows that there is no look that you resist. Lately, the actress bet for a mane to the height of the chest in her dark brown natural color that lights up with soft reflections of an ash blonde. For his latest release, the hairstyle you chose is the collection of fashionable among the celebrities in which the tufts front are loose to give you a finish that is cooler to the bow, and frame the factions.

But the most amazing part was revealed when it was turning around, because as well as it has shaved the nape of the neck to the four from the height of the earsalso looks a few drawings inspired geometric layouts at the flick of a razor by the barber Ohre.K. With this new look dubbed undercut artHalle Berry is confirmed as one of the stars most daring of Hollywood: What Will be able to overcome with your next hair cut?