The response of the actor GOT to Emilia Clarke for the prosecution of the vessel at the scene of the series –


Conleth Hill, the actor who played Lord Varysdefended himself from the statements of the Mother of Dragons.

The actor who played Varys in Game of Thrones replied to Emilia Clarke after having defendant by the mistake of the famous glass Starbucks in a scene.

After so long it is amazing how a simple distraction can have major consequences.

Then the error of the glass in a crucial scene of the series, GOT was the target of jokes and memes that were made viral.

Once I finished Games of Thrones, Emilia Clarke, stated in “The Tonigh Show” from Jimmy Fallon that Conleth Hill, the actor who played Lord Varys, had confessed that the glass forgotten on the set was actually yours, and not Emilia as it was speculated.

“We had a party before the Emmy recently, and Conleth, who is sitting next to me in that scene, I away and says to me, ‘Emilia, I have to tell you something. The cup of coffee was mine!”, explained the actress, which went on to say, “it Was the cup of coffee Conleth! exclaimed Emilia.

“He told me. ‘I think that was me’. Don’t want to say anything because it seemed to me that everyone thought that you were you,” he revealed with a laugh the mother of dragons.

Now the actor has responded to Daenerys in a british programme Sunday Brunch, that the vessel was not of him:

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“You know, there is no evidence that I did, I would have had the arms of Mr. Man to leave a cup of coffee there, I got a bullet for Emilia Clarke and she betrayed me. Simply I will not make any comment until you have a lawyer,” joked the actor

Currently HBO has already repaired the error so that you can’t see in the scene, but thousands of fans have been in charge of preserving the error.

Who will have been the glass really?