The Rosalia more fun dares to imitate Shakira and Britney Spears!… and the outboard!

“Woooow, what a great honor, I’m the cover of @elleusa of this rare summer of 2020 but what iluuuuu”. With his particular style we had Rosaliathrough their social networks, and excited I was to appear on the cover of the north american edition of the magazine ‘Elle’.

The singer, who located just past the quarantine in the united States –specifically in the home of his representative in Miami, where the were surprised by the crisis of the coronavirus–, does not stop generating content for their fans during these weeks of confinement. We have seen her change of look, pose in the most suggestive, composing new songs, having any slip up with the makeup and even falling off a skateboard.

But, surely, with what more they enjoyed their millions of followers is the video that has been recorded for the above-mentioned publication, which has already gone viral and in which he appears boasting, in his peculiar English, a few amazing gifts for the imitation.

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Rosalia is not short hair and trademark improvisations of their own songs, the classic ‘Bésame mucho’of the Supremes or Britney Spears, and sends a greeting to his friend, the reguetonero Ozuna. But the best moment comes when you are asked to sing the first song that comes to mind, and that it includes the word ‘body’.

Without thinking twice, the Catalan starts with the famous ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ from Shakira and the truth is that nails the voice of the colombian in the catchy chorus. Although, as she admits, what of the movements of the abdomen is something that has not yet mastered.

Displaying his great sense of humor throughout the video, when she sings some verses of his hit ‘Fucking Money Man’Rosalie explains that the song is written in his mother tongue: “I forget sometimes my own lyrics. This is the song in Catalan because at home I speak a lot with my family,” she explains before adding that “this concert does not happens to me”.

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