The rush of Saturday night, brings together 80,000 people in Argentina


Jose Manuel Rodriguez

Buenos Aires, 25 may (EFE).- Two months ago, that no argentine can move on the track of a nightclub by the pandemic, but that does not stop tens of thousands of people continue to ‘perreando’ every Saturday night, from your living room to the rhythm of the ‘living’ of a popular party through the social networks.

‘The Bresh’ has gone from the bowling alleys-clubs – of the country to the homes of the up to 80,000 people gather at the same time every Saturday, after midnight in their sessions issued by Instagram, for go down together to the floor to the rhythm of the music.

DJ Bröder is one of the visible faces of these sessions that have a lot of ‘perfomático’, according to the account in an interview with Efe, in that it recognizes that, before the first edition of ‘The Bresh on the house, it was satisfied if there were more than 1,000 spectators. The expectations were surpassed and now the record of connections along the length of a session is of approximately 850,000 people.


Bröder, whose real name is Alejandro Saporiti, ensures that the massive influx of people to its sessions in line assumes a ‘monstrous growth’ to Bresh.

This festival arose four years ago and has grown to the point that before the pandemic was celebrated on a weekly basis in Buenos Aires and any other place of Argentina and had carried out several incursions in countries such as Uruguay or Ecuador.

Associated to values such as lack of bias or feminism, the DJ highlights Bresh looking for a party that is for all and that of what he considers to be the antidiversión: ‘the excesses’, ‘violence’ or ‘the machito, who goes by the disco playing assholes’.

Despite the fact that the quarantine disrupted many plans and plunged in disappointment, they decided to look for how to turn the tables and thus be able to remember the quarantine as a stage in which not only was out of step, but as a time of growth. The result surpassed the forecast of the computer, that has seen in a month and a half tripled the number of followers on social networks.


Though it only held on Saturdays, and the remembrance and the expectation of the next party continues to be present throughout the week in social networks in argentina, where attendees take the opportunity to request songs to the DJ or to rescue those they consider the best moments adorned with ‘gifs’ dancing of the characters as the ogre Shrek, that make their appearance during the video of the sessions.

Enter the ‘hashtag’ of the party supposed to find people in their pajamas, in sweatshirt or perfectly made up, dancing to the rhythm of the same song… in each living room are living a different kind of party, which gives rise to all kinds of stories.

Bröder rescues several that are sent to the attendees: a couple who after you meet in the chat session began to talk by Whatsapp or a family in which two teenagers go to the living room and found his father disguised as a member of security and his mother preparing a drink while listening to your music.

For him, this last anecdote illustrates how the all-new fiesta digital allows you to reach an audience that was not going to nightclubs as teenagers or people slightly older.


Sessions change a lot, says Bröder and although ‘the blender-mixer – gender’ is one of the signs non-negotiable of Bresh, having both public new has changed the dynamics.

In a nightclub, a normal session begins with lighter topics, this is creating the environment and then ‘throw out all the bombs together’, explains Bröder, but ‘in the living of Instagram works the other way around, and the greatest load intensity, great songs, moments, all you have to load in the first two hours’.

The DJ compares the direct in the social network with a tv broadcast where you can see the effect of each issue on the counter of viewers.

And is that as in the rest of corners of the internet, at the party digital premium immediately, and the public connects expecting to hear the issues that are on the leading lists for the week, so that artists like Britney Spears or Black Eyed Peas or genres such as the cumbia must wait for the dawn while the sound of stars of the time as Karol G or Bad Bunny.

Bröder shows curious if the transmissions have ‘come to stay’, and complement live events or will be a fad of the quarantine how to make bread at home.

Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Colombia, Spain…. The list of destinations to which hopes to bring Bresh by the removal of the restrictions is long, has the DJ, but it is impossible to schedule anything for sure in the current circumstances.

Until the dance floor can be filled with a new, session digital and Bresh plan to continue making the houses in a small party to get that, at least in Argentina, the pace did not stop. EFE