The scandalous! photo of Jennifer Lopez at the pool I teach all of the back as well!


Jennifer Lopez | EFE

May 25, 2020
(13:50 CET)

The year 2020 it is still very different to Jennifer Lopez what was 2019. The singer of the Bronx is these days confined, while a year ago it stopped not.

The american started the year shooting the film Hustlers, released in Spain under the title Scammers of Wall Street the past month of November. A shoot that combined with the launch of his new single, Medicineof the published song and video clip, and with those who swept the platforms of digital music.

Year movidito for Jennifer Lopez

Meanwhile, by this date already put an end to the filming to get going with the tour It’s My Party: The Live Celebration. The carried out mainly in the united States, but also went through Canada, Turkey, Egypt, Israel, Russia and Spain. A project that took place to reach their 50 years being on the crest of the wave.

A tour during which JLo also gave some to another break. For example, to celebrate his birthday at a popular festival of the, we were able to see some images in social networks. And by what I saw in them, the singer is what happened at large. Rarely had we seen him so unleashed.

Although we saw given some rest by the pool or on the beach. JLo not missed any occasion for lazing in the sun and off of your hustle.

So we could see a series of snapshots that if nothing changes in the next few weeks, we can hardly see this year.

The photo of JLo in the pool teaching the back

We refer to your photos in bikini. These snapshots, in which Jennifer boasts and boasts the tipazo spectacular that it holds to its almost 51 years.

Images like the one shared below, in which the new york poses in the pool with a bikini leaving the view in good shape that keeps your back.