The theory that he is the father of two Avengers

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We know that the huge Universe of Marvel it is full of secrets, connections and surprises, which gives the possibility to continue creating countless films and new stories that link the characters in one way or another. But the possibility that we will explain below, will leave you awestruck. This is the theory that links Wolverine with two mutants, Witch Scarlet and Quicksilverin appearance the children of Magneto.

This theory is born out of little popular comic Ultimatum 3created by Jeph Loeb and drawn by David Finch, a story so violent and sexual, something little common in the Marvel Universe. This story includes murder, heavy sex and incest, reasons for which have not been well received among the fans.

As he says Film More Comics, Wolverine and Magneto come into dispute over a woman, Magda, with whom Wolverine had sex, even though Magneto the claim as “their own”.

Witch Scarlet and Quicksilver

The quoted half explains:

“When Wolverine encounters Magneto years later, asks him to track and kill Quicksilver. After that Witch Scarlet prevents runs out with his brother, Logan notes having an incestuous relationship. It is a time incredibly disgusting, but it is much worse when you consider the fact that Wolverine could be the father of both. A father who looks at their potential children having sex is something that few times Marvel has published”.

Despite the fact that Wolverine expresses that there is the possibility that both are their children, this fact has never been confirmed. Although, if so could involve a spin more interesting and daring within the Marvel Universe.

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