The weight changes of the most famous shocking


By the demands of the script, for a divorce (see the tremendous case of Adele) or, who would have thought, by this unexpected confinement. After Dew Flowers, the latest to join this list celebrities that have undergone a change of weight shocking. it has been Belén Esteban, which has taken advantage of the quarantine to get in shape. Although, if there is a change of weight that we have been impacted in recent times was that of Rosa Lopez, who last summer, even dared to pose topless.

And is that the summer was the season in which we celebrate the real body with multiple images of the famous in bikini without Photoshop. Who knows if this year we will not look also a few extra pounds due to the confinement. While you can always after our diet of the quarantine to get great for the summer days.

Until then, I leave you with images of celebrities who are an inspiration, that have real bodies, with cellulite, flab, love handles and tummy, and show your pride, as was Penelope Cruz in bikini or Jennifer Lopez, who not always had the gut flat.

Some other famous and show visible change of weight with and without clothes last summer were Irene Junquera, Carmen Borrego and Ana Rosa Quintana.

After making a tour of the best bodies of the famous bikini-and see it in all its splendor one of the best asses of the moment, here I leave you with the best list of largest changes of weight of celebrities. Starting with the two most recent: the Dew Flowers, thanks to the ‘Survivors ‘ 2020’, and her aunt Gloria Camila during the quarantine period.