There is something that Shawn Mendes is unable to do, and Camila Cabello know | Love 40


There is No doubt that Camila Hair and Shawn Mendes they have become one of the most media partners of the 2019. Since they began their romance, have been multiple occasions in which they have proved their love publicly. Either holding their hands in the street, or sharing some of their secrets in front of their fans. It’s pure love!

And that is if there is something that sustains a relationship is sincerity. The absence of secrets between Her and Shawn has strengthened their union, and that is something that your own Hair has confessed without any shame. Up has dared to share what he is unable to do her boyfriend, and so you get enamorarla even more on a daily basis.

“I think the purity that you have can’t lie or be fake because it hurts the heart. It is a very pure person and is constantly taking off weights on top because you can’t live as well and I love that about him,” explains Camila in an interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 in words gathered by Entertainment Tonight.

“It has a kind of purity, free energy. Sometimes I say ‘Oh, I had to talk to this person because I hurt the heart’. And I feel it has the need to remove the weight of what he is doing damage to get free. I think that is beautiful. It is a trait that I have adopted as each time I feel that there is an energy rare among someone and I or if my heart hurts me for some reason, I think ‘ok, what do I need to do?’ And I’ve learned that from him,” he adds.

Come on, that Camila cannot avoid to fall rendered before the sincerity and purity that conveys your guy. What and who does it? But these have not been the only words he has given to the artist to Mendes.

In the same interview, the interpreter of Romance you have clarified what you would think of both of fame, and ensures that you do not understand the people “that is constantly thinking about her.” “Even when he is on the stage, is not a factor. I don’t know how to explain it. For example, the way in which I see myself on stage, I’m doing it and acting, but I don’t focus on how the people sees it, if that makes sense. What I see him as a human person all the time“, he explains.

That is to say, Camila and Shawn have the ability to remove the cameras and the spotlight of your mind and enjoy as best friends and couple of what they are doing. And what a nice feeling!!!

Interpreters Miss have shown that nothing or no one will be able to finish off the connection you have built over the years. There are No secrets or grudges between them, and that is something that keeps them safe to continue with this project.