These pictures with hair shaved were made viral


Selena Gomez does not usually surprise us with their changes of looks very often, but on this occasion has left us speechless. Pictures of Selena Gomez with her new hair styles have become viral, and some users question the veracity of those photos.

During this confinement due to the health crisis by the COVID-19, there have been many celebrities that have taken to change radically the look. Well, it all seems to indicate that the last to do so has been Selena Gomez. The singer would have made a radical change on your hair, which we know that he was the protagonist of a well-known product for the hair.

These speculations started when an account of Twitter he shared a snapshot of Selena Gomez shaved and another image that appeared in the hair cut of the famous artist in lying on the ground.

These images became viral almost immediately, however, there were those who began to speculate and question on the veracity of such photographs. In a few minutes there was another picture where it appears the singer with very little hair while I was walking quietly along the street with an outfit sporting.

This picture caused more of a stir yet, since in the network there were many users who started to make memes about this new look of Selena. However, fans of Selena discovered that the photographs were false and that someone had edited. The first one that went viral was taken from the Instagram of a stylist for the actress, who shared this photo a few months ago.

And of course, to continue with the lie, another user edited a second image to make it become viral and the fans became crazy with the sudden change of his idol.