This former coestrella of Britney Spears ensures that he is very “worried” by it


The pop star is in the minds of many.

This week, Taryn Manning, who acted alongside Britney Spears in Crossroadssaid to be very “concerned” for the health of the pop star.

In a publication of Instagram, which was later deleted, the actress Orange Is The New Black assured that are encouraged to talk about the singer as many fans of Spears will write daily, asking him to intervene on the interpreter Toxic.

However, the star of 41 years has not received the response expected.

Watch the video with all the details.

Currently, Spears remains under a conservatorship, as it has been for the last 12 years. It remains to be seen if his father, Jamie Spears, will return to his role of tutor, after which he resigned temporarily to that position in September of 2019.

However, the followers of the movement #FreeBritney want to see her live independently after more than a decade under the control of his father.

Lately, fans have expressed their concern at the apparent absence of Britney on the social networks. The pop star generally communicates with his fans and provides updates on his life through Instagrambut with the pop-up exhibit of Britney Spears, the mother of two has been unusually missing from this platform, and has published pictures of the fans instead of her. The latest release of Instagram that appeared to be Britney personally dated 31st January.

But, Britney could have taken a break from the social networks to clear your mind of any negativity. In December, the singer asked the people who were more friendly and keep your comments.

“Merry christmas friends! I love to share with all of you… but it has been difficult to continue wanting to share because people say more bad things,” he said. “If you don’t like a publication… ¡¡¡Only save it for you and follow not that person!!! ¡¡¡There is No reason to do what you want to comment cruel and intimidate the people!!!”

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