Top 4 Fortnite Tips for Beginners


There’s a no bigger game in the world right now than Fortnite. That means the competition for achieving victory gets fiercer every moment as players grow increasingly better at dominating others. Even if you’re new to the game, its incredible versatility allows for plenty of simple tips you can use to give yourself a good start. In this post, we’ve collected the top 4 techniques and tricks in Fortnite to help you go from zero to hero.

It’s In the Name

This is something you need to get under your belt as soon as possible. The game is called Fortnite, meaning that fort building is one of the most important skills to gain early on. Start off by learning how to quickly put together a 3-level tower. Then, gather 170 pieces of materials, preferably wood as it builds faster then follow these steps. First, build a four-wall room, followed by stairs to move yourself up. Next, build another set of four walls on top of the first 4 then jump and immediately make a floor. Repeat these steps until you have a high tower to use as a vantage point. The more you do this, the faster you’ll become, which will give you a solid edge in battle.

Crouch is Your Friend

Always Be Crouching is the ABC of Fortnite and it should at the back of the mind of every player, new or old. Although crouching makes slower, it also lowers the amount of noise you make. When moving about an area filled with enemies, make sure you keep your head down. This way, you’ll be able to sneak up on oblivious players and take them out while they’re busy dealing with someone else.

Mind Your Surroundings

Fortnite has several placeable items that are traps for catching unsuspecting foes but there are other ways to get a few easy kills. One sneaky trick is to camp the loot left behind someone who recently died until someone comes around. Tempted by the free stuff ripe for the picking, they’ll walk up and start collecting. That’s your chance to take them out, silent but deadly style. This is especially effective against other new players as it’s the oldest trick in the Fortnite book. Just be sure not to fall for this trick yourself.

Golf Bounce

This one might sound advanced but, trust us, because mastering this technique early on will give you some fun kills in Fortnite. The golf cart offers more than just transportation as it has another trick. As you drive past some hapless foes, hit the breaks and immediately after breaking, jump on top of your cart. While you’re still in the air, start building walls directly beneath you. This will give you an instant three-storey-tall tower. Pretty neat, huh? You’ll need to first get comfortable building towers as we said earlier but it’s worth the patience.

How to Get the Honor Guard Skin

This isn’t exactly a tip as it doesn’t offer any real gameplay advantage. However, the Honor Guard skin is one of the most coveted cosmetic items in Fortnite and for good reason. Not everyone is going to be able to get it as it’s attached to purchasing the Honor View 20 smartphone. At roughly $650 to buy the phone, this makes the Honor Guard skin the most expensive in the game. If you happen to own the View 20 or decide you could use an upgrade, head over to the promotion page, sign in with your Huawei account and after inputting some information that verifies you own the phone, you’ll get a code to obtain the skin in Fortnite.