TXT share a version of ‘In my blood’ from Shawn Mendes


The members of TXT, decided to interpret one of the successful songs of the canadian ‘Sahwn Mendes’ and sing in another language to amaze the users of YouTube, a platform that shared the video.

The voices of the band south Korean joined this time to sing the theme song ‘In my blood’ of the well-known Shawn. A ballad full of feelings that reflects a great emotional burden. The group demonstrated in front of the camera for their vocal abilities and, in addition, that can sing in English without any difficulty.

Fans of the group of K-pop of the time were shocked at such a work of art, a cover of ‘In my blood’ that has already been cast among the favorites of the followers of TXT. He has even given you the talk of the social networks.

While some think that the singers want to reflect on this theme the story of their past, others believe that what they wish to express is the fear felt by the band to their fans, I may forget at some point.

‘MOA’ is moved by the version of the boys ‘9 and Three Quarters’ and is sure that this topic carries with it a hidden message and that possesses some implied intention.

Despite the fact that TXT has done an amazing job with this interpretation of the song of one of the most well known artists of the landscape current music as it is ‘Shawn Mendes’, the rumors about their indirect version does not cease.

The cover has caused controversy, and her audience has enjoyed the song but want to know if you intend to say something to you. What will be the true intention of ‘Tomorrow x Together’ with this interpretation? For the moment, the group has not ruled on the issue, but you can rest assured that their fans will love them and only care about them.