Value of Law, Doom Patrol, and all the releases of the week on HBO | Entertainment


Last week of the month of march, and the streaming platforms end up throwing their premieres to prepare for the next period of 30 days. HBO waiting for the weekend to present their latest series and movies this month.

Between the 28 and 29 may condense all of the premieres that are coming to the catalog of HBO in Spain. Movies and series where the action, but among which we also find stories for the whole family.

Romantic comediesthe biography one of the most famous designers in the fashion industry or science fictionthese are some of the genres that we will be able to enjoy this week in the list of premieres that we leave below.

If you are a technophile and you want to know more about great technological milestones, take a look at this selection of documentaries of technology and expand your knowledge.

Doom Patrol and other series premiere

HBO remains focused on the DC Universe with the second season of Doom Patrol. This series collected the characters most marginal of DC to turn them into the protagonists of a series irreverent, with a tone of humor characteristic which supposes a fresh air within the universe of action and superheroes.

Also on HBO premieres this week Love Life, a series starring Anna Kendrick. The actress is the center of a story friendly and relaxed, which presents the life of a young woman in New York with their relations, ruptures and frustrations. Kendrick has highlighted that this is a story of personal growth that reflects the importance of the people who give meaning to our lives and keep us on foot.

Value of law and other movies

There are many movies that HBO says goodbye to the month of may. Movies for the whole family as The boys of the choir, or Shreck and other action for the enjoyment of adults as well as Value of law or the Terminator.

For the nostalgic of the films of the west, arrives Value of Law HBO. Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, Josh Brolin and Hailee Steinfeld, are part of the deal of luxury of this action movie and revenge in the wild west.