What annoys Emilia Clarke the speculation of their fans


When it premiered the first trailer for the comedy the holiday which stars Emilia Clarkein the role of a twenty-something in full existential crisis after suffering a traumatic health problem, the social networks they soon begin to speculate about the plot twist that would hide the story based on the costume that lucy Henry Golding -the love interest of the protagonist – and the lyrics of the song George Michael ‘Last Christmas’ that gives the title to the film.

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Now that it finally came to the cinemas, and it was confirmed that many of the theories that circulated about it had been successful, the actress broke her silence to comment on the current obsession of the public to discover the spoilers of your movies or favorite tv series before viewing.

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“It is very annoying, the truth. And frustrating… It’s more complicated than people imagine,” said she in an interview to the portal Indiewire.

Emma Thompson and Greg Wise they wrote together the script and sent it to all your friends. Just felt he was ready, when no one saw it coming, in advance, the surprise that is revealed at the end of the story”.

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Against the culture of spoilers

What is certain is that Emilia it already has a lot of experience in these matters because of the secrecy that had to surround at all times of the shooting of Game of Thrones and the widespread outrage that heralded the end of the fiction of the HBO.

Despite the fact that she considers a waste of time and energy that you were already known as the ‘culture of the spoilers‘ -which gives rise to virtual discussions and articles kilometre analyzing the detail trailers as Last Christmas in search of clues about the end-, also includes what is its origin and why the fans are so involved on an emotional level.

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“I’m being very careful with the words I choose to express my point of view, but the truth is that I was not shocked too much what happened to us: it is no secret that the state of the world today it is frightening and confusing, and many things happen that are beyond completely out of our control. But people can do something about it in these situations, either by signing a petition to roll back the last episode of a television series or spoiling the end of a freaking christmas movie”.

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