What new image? Ariana Grande is reconciled with her hair loose


LOS ANGELES (united States).- Ariana Grande you are dropping the hair, literally! The stunning singer of “Stuck With U” visited Instagram to show a new image that is working in quarantine. In the photo, Ariana looked to one side, showing his tattoo of a butterfly on the top of the shoulder, and his hair chocolate brown felt noticeably limp and loose, not pony tail.

“Liz took it in the face,” subtituló the nominated for the Grammy, referring to his friend and former co-star Victorius Liz Gillies. This is not the first time that Ariana shows a new look for your hair while it is in quarantine. The singer really did show off his hair when he showed his natural curly last march 30. Fans have loved to take a look at the singer that was becoming natural while he remains safe at home.

But his greatest admirer was undoubtedly his mother, who left the message more endearing for his daughter. “Your hair / curls natural is a world in itself… a superb beauty that you are inside and out / make-up or natural… I love You,” said the singer’s mother, Joan Grande. “Keep this care after quarantine, please,” said Katy Perry in the photo. Even Dove Cameron of Disney fell in love with the hair and told Ariana that her “hair” was “thriving”.

Fans have loved to see Ariana take on new looks during their time in quarantine. They are so used to seeing the singer of “God Is A Woman” with his characteristic ponytail that the new looks are a surprise for the stunning singer. Even in her new video with Lady Gaga, “Rain On Me“, he let fall his long hair.

In the midst of dancers and visual effects, the female power that Ariana and Gaga is nothing new to them. The protagonist of “A Star Is Born”, did something similar many years ago when he joined Jessie J and Nicki Minaj for “Bang Bang”. For if it were a little Gaga and Beyonce did the same with the release of their songs “Telephone” and “Video Phone”, which shook all of his fans.