What would you change Demi Lovato about her career if you could go back in time?


All the artists have regrets. Although Demi Lovato keeps success as a singer and actor, that does not mean you do not know what wonder might have been different. Discover why the state of Lovato as a pop star is very far from what we grew up listening to, and how it would change if I could.

Demi Lovato began her career as a teenager.

Demi Lovato on February 24, 2009 | Jon Kopaloff / FilmMagic

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When you think of Lovato, you probably think pop music. Started on Disney Channel starring in Camp Rock, with their first album through Hollywood Records, don’t forget, that followed shortly after.

In comparison with the other Disney stars of the era, the music of Lovato is considered to be a little more “punk rock” than the rest. However, it is still classified as pop, as they have been all their later albums, despite the notes of R&B and other genres.

Lovato showed a different side with “I Love Me (version emo)”

The seventh album of Lovato is in progress from may 2020. However, it has already released some singles, including “I Love Me”. The anthem of self-love debuted in march and was followed by a remix emo (above). This came as a surprise to some fans who are more familiar with her as a pop star.

But that was not the first time that Lovato dabbled in this area. As pointed out by Morgan Freed, co-founder of Emo Nite, when he appeared in the Ride or Cry Podcast, not only worked with Fall Out Boy (“Irresistible”) and We the Kings (“We I’ll Be A Dream”) in the in the past, but he sang the success of Paramore “Misery Business” in one of their past events. He called it “one of the best moments that has passed since Emo Nite [began]. “

She grew up with the genre

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Lovato to know the lyrics of “Misery Business” is not so surprising, given the music they grew up listening to. It includes Paramore in the list of the bands that I loved when I was a young teenager, along with most popular artists such as Simple Plan, cuts emo more deep as From First to Last, and even dive into different sub-genres of metal. And explained in the podcast why music emo meant so much to her.

“In our generation, the group of” misfits “, we all find peace and acceptance in the music emo because they sang the same thing we are. They said what we wanted to say, ” said Lovato.

He added that although not necessarily liked to call her “emo” at that time, the style and the “aesthetic” that accompanied it made her feel “accepted”. “This also was I growing up in Dallas, Texas, as a mind bisexual, artistic, and creative. I never felt I fit in the south. “

How Lovato would change her career

Lovato says that later he was “very excited to see the music emo appear in the real world”, but that “it was a little snobbish of music”, and added that he was “territorial” by some band that I knew before were great. “I specifically remember when Paramore began to explode. I was like, ‘No! This is my journal! I can not share my journal with the world. “

Freed asked Lovato if she could go back in time and start your career as part of a band, what band would it be? “I don’t think I would join a band. I think that it would begin mine, ” he said. However, she has another idea in mind: to mix genres. After listening to the music of the singer, Poppy, said that she thought: “This is what I would do if I could go back and redo my career … because it incorporated that side of the rock, and that feeling of metal”.