Will Smith and Martin Lawrence sneak in the last video ElRubius


At 17:55 (Spanish time) ElRubius already warned on Twitter that something big was going to happen: the video with the most legendary of its channel to rise this evening. “I will explode the head”, warned in the tweet.

The video starts with ElRubius, and his inseparable companion of adventures Mangel, within a parking lot. Both walk and talk. Ruben “ElRubius” Doblas account that has bought a new car. But this is not a normal vehicle and current, the car in question is a Porsche very cinematic.

Both youtubers commented that this was a special edition brought from Los Angeles and is part of a series of films legendary. Mounted in the car, make jokes until enter on the scene, neither more nor less than Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. In that moment, it all seems surreal, until you receive the trailer of the new film distributed by Sony, Bad Boys for Life, which will be released soon.

The rest of the video are funny moments between the four of us in the purest style of The Anthill of Pablo Motos.

This is not the first time that ElRubius will rub elbows with actresses and actors of Hollywood since a few years ago, we surprised with a video to challenge Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt for the promotion of the movie “Passengers”.

We do not know if, as promised to the youtuber, their fans would have exploded the head on this occasion. What we have no doubt it is that ElRubius is still one of the best media advertising within YouTube.