Will Smith shared an animated video of a barcelona-based artist on Instagram | Culture and entertainment


The american actor Will Smith has published in its profile of Instagram an work of a filmmaker of videos barcelona’s Daniel Moreno in the mix one of his phrases with chords of the musician Drake.

In a single day, the animated video, described by Smith as “spectacular”, has reached over 2 million views.

Thanks to the ‘post’ of the renowned actor, his more than 45 million followers on Instagram, including Rosalia, J Balvin, or the actor Dwayne Johnson, have been able to see the work of the creator of Barcelona, whose passion is for making music videos.

As the artist explains, “you have to reinvent yourself, reflect and move forward in what we love to do to address this crisis and to leave behind the COVID-19 as soon as possible”.

Throughout the confinement, Daniel Moreno, who is also a musician and creates advertising for companies and artists, has made a video which combines animation and music of well-known international artists.