your trainer gives the face for it and explain the reason for your weight loss


The image of Adele in the one that shows his incredible physical transformation continues to generate numerous comments, many of them are not precisely favorable. For this reason, Pete Geracimo, who was the physical trainer for many years, has come to the fore to give the face for the british singer and to silence speculation about the diet you have followed to obtain this result.

The trainer says it is “disheartening” to see comments, very derogatory after the transformation of his client and that, as stated in their profile of Intagramdue to the ignorance of the true reason which has led it to lose weight, not now, but throughout the years: health.

“In my experience of having worked with her in ups and downs, she has been the one that has always marked their own pace,” says the coach. And very limited concludes: “there has Never underestimated the talent that God has given to be reduced to show flesh.” Geracimo also maintains that “there has never pretended to be what he was not, what you see is what there is. Oh and we all love it!”.

Your testimony is very valuable because it has been a long time that has worked with the singer to maintain his physical form: “When Adele and I first started our journey, never intended to stay very thin. It was about being healthy, especially after giving birth and its operation -refers to an intervention on the vocal cords-. When he released the disc ’25’we had to prepare her for a grueling calendar of 13 months”.

“At that time,- continues the coach, began to train and take care of the diet. As a result, lost quite some weight and people noticed it. The transformation of his body jumped to the media. The attention it generated was mind-blowing”.

Pete now does not work with Adele since it was established in California (he is still living and serving in London), but is very aware of how what happened to the artist when separated from her husband, Simon Koneckiin April of last year and filed for divorce in September: “Since I moved to Los Angeles, is very well documented that it has gone through some personal changes hard. It is quite natural that this change comes from wanting to be the best version of yourself.”

Adele, with her ex-husband, Simon Konecki. (Getty)
Adele, with her ex-husband, Simon Konecki. (Getty)

It also is very clear that this transformation is not due to a promotional strategy for the launch of their new album, which will see light in September: “The metamorphosis is not intended to sell more albums, advertising or to become a benchmark of anything. What you are doing for her and Angelo (his seven year old son). My wish is that people appreciate the hard work that Adele has done to improve, for his benefit and that of your family, nothing more. Not lost weight to make feel bad to others. This personal transformation has nothing to do neither with you nor with me. It has to do with Adele and how you want to live your life. Has not changed with respect to the Adele with which we grew up and which we love”.

This same theory is the one that maintains a source of the american magazine ‘People’: “it Got to a point in which he did not feel well. I felt that I had to change something, because you want to be the mother healthy as possible. Your center of attention during the process of weight loss has been in how I could be more healthy and how to best treat your body. The aim was not to lose weight.”