A thorough tour of the house of Beverly Hills in which Adele goes to your quarantine –


Photo to photo, all the details of the residence of Beverly Hills that the singer bought for 9 and a half million dollars and got her amazing figure.

9 and a half million dollars it cost the residence in which Adele is confined.

Sober, classic and minimalist, so it is the decoration of the fabled residence in which Adele passes the quarantine and where you got your amazing figure thanks to diet Sirtfood.

Installed there from a year ago, the british singer has bought the property to the producer Michael Hertzberg by 9 and a half million euros.

Located in the neighborhood of where it has as a neighbour Katy Perry and Cameron Diazyour house is the scene of many of the publications that the singer makes in Instagram, although choose only some corners for not possessing.

The last photo you discover a bit of the style of your residence was to celebrate 32 years of age, when he left to photograph on the outside, between an arch of flowers.

Here, all the photos and details of the environments in which Adele goes to the quarantine.

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The living room: white wood, sofas, classics, lanterns, and libraries built.
The living and dining room: flowers and blankets on the chairs. What about the detail? The huge built-in kitchen.
The deco chosen by Adele: sober, in green, brown and cream.
Little lights to decorate the pool.
The garden, with living rooms, and even a gazebo.
Its en-suite bathroom.
The built-in kitchen, with huge kitchen bench, which also gives a double picture window.
The room: walls in lilac, paintings and a fireplace.
Another shot of the living room. Little decoration. Puffs, candles and ornaments sober.