After criticized dating, Millie Bobby Brown announces breakup with Jacob Sartorius


Just a few months ago, the actress Millie Bobby Brownof 14 years of age, was the talk by revealing that he kept a courtship with Jacob Sartorius.
It was just last Valentine’s Day when the protagonist of Stranger Things announced his relationship with the boy two years older than her. Immediately, he was the victim of criticism on social networking for his young age to keep a relationship. This was followed by a photo of both teens appeared kissing; the image was so controversial and criticized –even by Taylor Swift– that Millie decided to delete it from Instagram.

Millie Bobby Brown Jacob Sartorius
This photo with Millie Bobby Brown was published on Instagram Stories Jacob Sartorius.

After five months, it was the same actress who announced the break-up of the teen dating.

This Tuesday, in its account of Instagram, the 14-year-old released a message in which he announced his break with Jacob and assured that we will continue to see as friends.

Millie Bobby Brown ends up with her boyfriend
Millie Bobby Brown announces his break
(Instagram )

While the young actress is recovering from the break-up, the audience keeps waiting for the third season of the successful production of science fiction on Netflix, which will premiere in 2019.