Alex Morgan and her new facet as an entrepreneur in media


Alex Morgan wants to succeed beyond the football, co-captain of the U.s. team, who just consecrate world champion for the second consecutive time in France in 2019, announced that start a media company that will focus on creating content for women for women.

The products will be made by female athletes, who will share their stories aimed at girls, possibly with the intention to motivate them. “We will focus on the women who practice sports and share the stories that I think a lot of people that want to hear, and that girls should be given access”said the player to

The player american, who was entitled to the Silver shoe and the award ESPY to the Best Sportsman of the Year in 2019, did not want to provide too much data of the company that is in the process of creation, so that the public will have to wait for the emergence of the same.

Morgan and the homage of THE Galaxy

In the match between THE Galaxy and Earthquakes, the footballer of Orlando Pride was held for the fans that attended the stadium. Morgan was invited to the meeting and at half-time went down to the pitch to receive a standing ovation after winning the fourth World Cup for the united States.