Alex Morgan is motivated in the World with the music of Miley Cyrus and this responds

The state of concentration prior to the major competitions for athletes a factor of importance a couple of their own physical skills and talent on the field of play. The music has always been an antidote key to alleviate the nerves and help you focus in the task to come, or, simply, an effective tool for release of dopamine and serve as a motivation before you give everything to compete.

And yesterday, one of the brand-new winner of the last women’s World football, the front of the selection american Alex Morganrevealed in an interview to the media Access what was it that they put on their helmets for mentally prepare yourself before every game: “we were talking about that the other day, we exited the bus and we walked into the stadium and I, in all the matches, listening to ‘Mothers Daughter’ Miley Cyrus”.

The player confessed that his election can ahead of the trends most common methods for this type of situations, but stated that although her companions preferred to stronger themes, or aggressive, she is decantaba for songs that you could sing to the couple: “the thing is that I don’t need music crazy. I just want to sing and that, while other people put on ‘Fight Night’ and that kind of stuff”. That has been one of the great stars of the World seemed to have it more than clear, and concluded its answer send to Miley a heart with your hands and ensuring that the wanted.

The response of Miley Cyrus

It is not surprising that the lyrics of this song, a plea for the empowerment of women, is the taste of Morgan, who along with his partner and the captain of the selection, Megan Rapinoe, has been one of the faces more visible in the defence of the rights of women athletes in the wake of the huge media attention that has given rise to this latest World. And so it seemed also to understand the own Miley Cyrus, who was not slow in answering to the player from your Twitter account.

“Thank you for making ‘Mothers Daughter’ your song of motivation!”, wrote Cyrus, “I Hope this song motivates women around the world to retrieve what is theirs, FREEDOM! I love you too!” The singer ended her post by giving the congratulations to the team of the selection and your own Morgan for if triumph in the championship.

The issue that has caused this exchange of views between Morgan and Cyrus, on the other hand, is one of those that make up the new string of songs from their latest EP, which released at the end of may under the title ‘She is coming’. In fact, only a week ago that the artist released the quirky music video of ‘Mothers Daughter’, again to show his peculiar personality and aesthetic her feminist discourse in a post that “all women are a revolution”.

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