Alex Morgan supports the players of Valencia in the campaign ‘Valenta’


“Hi, I’m Alex Morgan. I just wanted to wish the best to the girls Valenta. Continue to pursue your dreams and enjoy the football.” With this phrase the popular player of the selection of united States soccer, Alex Morgan, recent champion of the world, sent via Twitter a message of support to the players of Valencia, on the occasion of the Gala ‘Valenta’ held the past day 8.

Valencia became the Friday the capital of women’s football on the occasion of the feast ‘Sóc Valenta’ organized by the FFCV, and with which he pays tribute to the players, and also football, of the Comunitat Valenciana from the quarry to the elite.

In the event unveiled the 15 ambassadors of the new project. Among them are Sandra Cloths (Barcelona), Paula Guerrero (Valencia), Marta Peiró (Sporting de Huelva), Aixa Salvador (Villarreal) and five players in the Levant: Lucia Gomez, Nerea Pérez, Gemma Gili, Ivana Andrés and Ruth Garcia.