All the series and movies to come to HBO and HBO Go in June 2020

HBO leave may (with the final season of his thriller RUN and the premiere of the series Mark Ruffalo, I Know This Much is True) with the announcement of the series, films and documentaries that have prepared for the month of June.

The list of June is short (Netflix also submitted as his list of premieres June)but it has great titles that definitely have to be on your radar, especially now that we have more time and a lot of series and movies are going to arrive much later because of the delays of the pandemic coronavirus. Did you see all on Netflix (or you feel that you have already done)? HBO comes to the rescue to help you combat the boredom.

The big premiere of the month, in themes of films, is Green Bookthe movie inspired by the true story of the chauffeur’s white who has to take a musician african-american to some of the most dangerous places in the united States as part of his tour, according to a book called Green Book in the marking all the points on which the american people could eat, sleep, and spend without being attacked by the violent racists of the time. Green Book surprised everyone in 2019 when he took the Oscar as Best Film, Best Actor (Mahershala Ali) and Best Original Screenplay.

On the other hand, comes also the series Perry Mason, with Matthew Rhys and Jedediah Jenk, which follows a lawyer of Los Angeles in 1932 to take a big case that can make or destroy your career (this series is inspired by the series of the 50s and 60s of the same name and that had Raymond Burr as the protagonist).

On issues of terror, HBO has prepared the premiere of the sequel of It, inspired by the second part of the famous book of Stephen King and that follows the children of the village of Darry already converted in adults (including Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy) and being persecuted again by the clown killer who believed that they had defeated years ago.

If you prefer action, on the ground of the series we have to the detective Veronica Mars, who gets to solve crimes more strangers in their city, and to Trackersa series of action that presents several stories of organized crime, smuggling of diamonds, black rhino, the CIA, and terrorism in the City of Cape town, south Africa.

And not all of it is fiction, HBO it also has two documentaries prepared, the first, Bully, coward, victim: the story of Roy Cohn project, it is a look into the life and work of the power broker of New York, Roy Cohn and the second is of Trashood, a documentary that has not been revealed much yet.

Finally, HBO Go is arriving, among other things, Margot Robbie with his film I, Tonyain the story of the famous olympic skater, Tonya Harding, is banned from the sport after it is discovered who was behind the violent attack that almost left one of their opponents out of the olympic games, and Searchinga revolutionary film about a man who uses all the power of social networks to find his missing daughter.

This is all you’re going to get to see in June on HBO and HBO Go:


  • Batwoman: New episodes

  • Veronica Mars: Available from June 5

  • Trackers: Available from June 5

  • Atlanta’s Missing and Murdered: Latest episode June 8

  • I know this much is true: Last episode 14 June

  • Insecure T4: Last episode 14 June

  • I may destroy you: Available from the 15 of June

  • Perry Mason: the 21st of June

  • Hard: Last episode June 21

  • I’ll be gone in the dark: June 28,



  • It: chapter 2 – June 6

  • Night with Kate – June 13

  • Angry Birds 2: the movie – June 20

  • Green Book: a friendship without borders – June 27

  • Destruction – June 27


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