All we can expect from the new album of Rihanna


Four years have passed since Rihanna released her eighth studio album, Anti, but since then she has transformed from a pop diva to a semidiosa leader of an empire that is worth about 600 million dollars, becoming the woman within the music industry better valued in the world.

By the way, Rihanna also had a relationship with the billionaire Hassan Jameel, and at the end with him, the media lost their heads as a few times they had done upon learning of a rupture between celebrities. Hunter Harris Vulture even published a list of men who are not good enough to go out with Rihanna spoiler alert: there is no man good enough for her… well, maybe Brad Pitt, but you also have to try to be worthy of being with her.

These are some of the things that have made Rihanna a star, unattainable, a myth that goes beyond the music, but in the end, she is one of the best singers of the moment, so everything that surrounds the project entitled unofficially, R9, is in the public interest.

From 2018, Riri confirmed that she was working on the new disk, but maintained a secrecy which meant that the people became crazy, however, came to confirm that in 2019 all could hear. This is an album inspired by the reggae. She herself said that it would not be a typical disk of reggae but definitely we’re going to be able to the elements of the genre in all the songs.

This is not a surprise, after all, the pop and rap to which we are accustomed is a little away from the reggae, but this shows that the singer has returned to his roots for the new disc.

Among the collaborations that the album will have, the first thing is to remove Drake from the list. The canadian has said on various occasions that although we are not on bad terms, this is not a disk that includes it. However, The Dream, the producer that helped create his megahit, Umbrella, definitely yes, is working with her, as well as Lil Nas X and Haiti Babii, a singer that the own Rihanna was discovered.

Rihanna said the album would come out in 2019, but there’s not even an advancement. This is due to that the entrepreneur has made it clear that it is working according to the time you have available, that does not want to rush things and that is taking care of your mental health during the process, because to get something so important, can’t give in to the pressure of the fans, the record labels or their producers. Rihanna again shows why only she can be Rihanna.