Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston, a picture together would reveal reconciliation


A photograph that has caused uproar shows Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston as all great friends do you Will be left behind the rivalry by Brad Pitt?

They spent only a few moments for the instántanea will circulate quickly and would cause a great stir because, as we know, both actresses have remained one of the worst relationships Hollywood since many years ago.

The rivalry between the two divas began when the actor Brad Pitt he was unfaithful to Jennifer Aniston, with Angelina Jolieboth met each other in the tape mr. & Mrs Smith from which came the relationship that cause the breakup of their marriage with the protágonista of “Friends“.

The following years the couple would steal the cameras and reflectors to the place where they appeared, however, all this attention was accompanied by signs to the actors and some of the other comments that both rivals exchanged.

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For a long time, Angelina it was seen as “the apple of discord” and despite lapse of so many years and that both had children together, many comments pointed out that the fans of Brad and Aniston never ended to accept such a union.

Now the image shows two actresses without any rancour or past that has separated, for incredible as it may seem!.

The photography shows how would appear both in the reality if Brad Pitt it never would have crossed paths or if some of them had not crossed in the path of the other.

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The account of Instagram that made it possible for this vision, was in charge of @amangelinajolie, which shared a photo of both, and the same pose on one side of the other in what appears to be a red carpet.

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In the photograph, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston appearing thanks to a montage made by the creator of the account, perhaps how a hint that perhaps the actresses should overcome their differences and that both could unite all of the talent they have.

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However, the only chance to see them together maybe it could be this image, since in an actual plane, both Angelina and Brad Pitt still in discussions over the custody of their six children, and finally, it transpired that supposedly Jolie you do not want that Aniston to be closer to their children.

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The last thing, in the face of strong rumors that among Pitt and Aniston cooking is a possible reconciliation.