Angelina Jolie, criticized for the education of their children: “it Seems like a commune hippy | Love 40


Angelina Jolie is confined in the mansion where resided the producer Cecil B. DeMille until his death in 1959 -which was bought by 23,5 M euros-, along with their six children. Maddox, the eldest, he was forced to return home from South Korea, the country where he studied Biochemistry at Yonsei University, after which he canceled the classes for the coronavirus.

The actress, who has always been in favor of the concept homeschooling (study from home) and impart a non-conventional educationhas expressed to the magazine Time to have the children around “is a blessing and a challenge in regard to the studies”.

The image projected by Angelina herself is a devoted mother with a family united. However, several have been former assistants and caregivers who have given up their work frustrated and exhausted with the chaos and little discipline in the home the Jolie-Pittthe house where the children live your creativity and a style of life without any kind of rules or structures. Something that many employees have qualified as “a commune hippy” in several means american, as the magazine People.

Since the onset of the long and hard process of divorce, Brad Pitt has claimed that their children is matricularan in the school and not to study at home. A request that the judge has approved only after the review of various reports. It seems that his father is the only one that teaches common sense, since they are aware that in the birthday to those who are invited to run rampant by houses and gardens.

According to sources close to the actor, the protagonist of Maleficent it is a wonderful mother “when the cameras are near” and that, of closed doors, locks himself in his office and is abstracted in its humanitarian projects. This is only interrupted to control the caregivers of John, Vivienne, Zahara, Pax and Knox.

In the face of public opinion, hollywood, they all love to Brad Pitt while Angelina Jolie is increasingly isolated in a war for custody that she is still alive.