Aquarium: as Well as Shakira all of this sign are mega smart and cunning

There are signs of more privileged than others. About them was very attractive with a magnetic energy, some are pathfinders for excellence and others, as a Tank, are genuine nerds who can exploit as much intelligence on your behalf.

Those born under this sign from January 20 to February 18, may have qualities very useful as a strong personality, be innovative and lovers of changebut without a doubt, the intelligence and creativity leads you beyond.

So you could describe the colombian Shakira, a native of Aquarius. According To Cadena Dial, the dancer has an IQ of 140, well above the average for that round between 90 and 120.

Officially a gifted, it also states in his ease to speak the languages driving the Spanish, English, Portuguese, and Italian.

Shakira is Aquarius The wife of Gerard Pique stood out from very small because of his great ability to compose. – Instagram

Also from a very young age the singer started to write his songs that later became hymns. From the 4 years already arming poems, and at the age of 8 began with the musical composition, which is amazing.

Very few famous manage to matchin fact Nicole Kidman has an IQ of 135, Jodie Foster and Paris Hilton 132. For his part, Arnold Schwarzenegger has an IQ of 140 and Matt Damon, the surprising figure of 160, said Marie Claire.

For aquarians the intellectual stimulation is a necessity as well as what is to be sociableprecisely because of this latter quality is called the sign of friendship.

But this will not be an obstacle to going after your goals because their determination is superior to any sentimentality or melancolías, are very clear and logical.

They tend to be very successful, especially in the field of communication, but in the labor market for them it is very important to the autonomy.

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All in all, a great response to the success of the interpreter of “Eyes like that” recognized as the queen of Latin pop on their sales, successes and musical versatility.

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