Ariana Grande doesn’t want to be called “diva”


The interpreter of “7 Rings” considers that it is a very “sexist”.

Ariana Grande is poised to become the new Madonna of her generation, and the pair released a song with Justin Bieber, prepare for a successful return to the music with Lady Gaga on her new single “Rain On Me”, a topic that promises to be an anthem of female empowerment. But although it is one of the artists most successful and popular of the last years, the singer of 26 years old does not like the term “diva”, since it considers the word as an adjective “sexist”.

“The word diva is thrown once someone has success, with all the connotations wrong,” said Ariana in an interview conducted by Apple Music, where he also commented that he was upset when the interviewers or journalists see it as “diva” just because they respond in a very direct and no-holds-barred questions, which is why the decided to stop giving interviews for a while and avoid your words out of context. “I felt that every time I was in a position in which someone was trying to say something to make clickbait or twisting my words, I defended, and then people said ‘oh ohh, she is a diva!’. I thought this makes no sense,” said laartista american.

Just as Madonna did 30 years ago, the young performer of “7 Rings” also wants to break stereotypes of women in the music and express it through his songs, his videos and his image, as on their single-2018 “GodIs To Woman”, which caused controversy for showing “a challenging position to critics”, accompanying the theme with a content lyrically sexual and a video that cited the theology. Image: Clasos

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