Ariana Grande gets it: meets the stars of ‘Victorious’ | Big bang


It seems that the nostalgia has decided to take hold of us. And I don’t just mean the new album of Dua Lipa that we have returned to bring our heaters, nor to the reunion between the protagonists of Friends they both craved. We talk about Ariana Grande and the meeting that you organized with your mates Victorious.

Yes, you read that right. The protagonists of one of your favorite series have become to be found to remember the old times and celebrate the tenth anniversary of the series, although we have to admit that it is not the meeting that we expected, but yes we are all witnessing with our colleagues in these times of quarantine.

The singer he has met with their peers in a video call multiple that have joined from their homes. So what has left to see our protagonist in a publication through their social networks, where it shows a screenshot of this virtual conversation next to the word “happy”. Yes, it is not the only one that has drawn a smile from ear to ear on his face thanks to this meeting.

As was expected, the publications did not take long to receive the reaction of the millions of fans spread all over the world. “I don’t believe this”, “OMG the memories!!”, “This makes me immensely happy”, are some of the messages that you received in a matter of seconds.

Victorious it is one of the series of Nickelodeon’s most successful. Since its first broadcast in 2010, its leading figures became true references for the young. So much so that many of them now have armies of followers who follow you since then.

And you, do you think that they will be encouraged to launch a chapter of their reunion in the purest style of Friends? It is no far-fetched idea, isn’t it?