Ariana Grande: “If the world had a friend like you, the world would not be so rubbish”


The famous singer and actress, Ariana Grandenot only was unveiled by her incredible voice and its successful interpretations. The celebrity is recognized for transparent love and selfless for his own, by the living and by his family. Large showed another sentimental moment through their social networks, and confessed all his love to a friend that considered to be unmatched to the rest, in fact, he wished that everyone had someone like him in their lives.

Yesterday, the interpreter of “7 Rings” was captured by the paparazzi of their location, Los Angeles, spending a different time with your old friend Aaron Simon Gross. Now everything may make sense, because the afternoon of this Saturday, Grande broke down in tears and he published an extensive dedication to his friend using his account Instagramperhaps the ride in the Tesla was just a short walk pre-birthday that he presented the artist to his close confidant.

The beautiful message of Ariana Grande

“Happy day Aaron, world” began publication that captured more than 800 thousand likes. Between your beautiful words, Ariana Grande was a dirty game to Aaron, and he said “This is a public statement, because I know that you with your friends here“. The post, which featured a collection of photos of this old friendship, was accompanied by the beautiful wishes of some celebrities, such as the ones published by the actress comedy Jennifer Coolidge.

To end their love public at Large he added, “I can’t wait to be best friends for always and for all the lives you have ahead. What a blessing it is to have a Aaron. Thank you for making everything makes sense. I’ll send you 30 voice notes of me crying tears of reflective, grateful and happy birthday. If everyone had a friend like you, the world would not be so rubbish”.

It should be noted that Gross is the best friend of Ariana Grande for many years, they both grew up in Boca raton, Florida. Part of it is to have a great bond of brotherhood, these two young starred in “The Musical on Broadway” in 2008. It was even common to see them on the Youtube platform by uploading various videos of entertainment. Until it became known that these two friends are fans of Mario and still play for hours.