As few times, Ariana Grande is seen with her real hair | Music


The actress and singer shared a selfie wearing hair chinese and without their tail hair

The decisions that we make in adolescence with regard to our hair, ten years later could be a reason for repentance, and no one has been more honest about that

Ariana Grande


After several years participating in the childrens ‘ shows of Nickelodeon, such as Victorious (2010) and Sam & Cat (2013)the actress and singer ended up repenting of all the discolorations that are made in the hair while he worked with roles in which she played a girl with hair bright red and quite straight, being that you naturally had wavy and brown.

With the passage of time, Ariana began to speak more candidly about the error that had been subjecting your natural hair to so much damage and discoloration, and for 2014, during the beginnings of his musical career, the youth of today 26 years old, he began to be seen with what would be his look characteristic to the public: a long ponytail.

“I decoloré the hair color red every week for four years while I played Cat… as anyone could assume it, I destroyed my hair. My natural hair is dark brown, and use extensions, but I use them with a ponytail because my actual hair is so weak and broken that looks completely miserable and absurd when you loose”, he wrote


in 2014, through their accounts of Instagram.

Today, at six years of their early music, as well as when he spoke openly of his mistake to ruin the hair, all indicate that Ariana begins to make peace with your hair and can be seen with a long mane of curls.