As is the relationship between Venus and Serena Williams off the tennis court ?


The tennis american Venus Williams, was recently invited to speak at a summit. He was asked to complete a sentence: “A woman whose career I admire is …” . Without hesitation, for Venus, the most natural response was: Serena Williams.

Venus and Serena have helped each other out on the pitch. Both have repeated that you are partners for life. Despite a rivalry that can separate anyone, they have absolute respect for the one by the other. Also on the pitch, where they have faced a barrage of epic battles.

To the point where they came to boast about the rumor that he was his own father, Richard Williams, who decided in the end that both of the sisters protagonizaban, which was the one who should win the match and clinch the title.

After the birth of the daughter of Serena, things have not changed. In fact, Venus has become in his role of aunt. No matter what you say, the Williams sisters will continue to be the sisters most powerful in the sport.

Inspired a whole generation to dream. Speaking of Venus, it will be criminal to ignore his contribution to the sport of tennis. She remains one of the best tennis stars that has ever adorned the court. We hope that you find much glory in their retreat, as found throughout his fantastic career.