Azealia Banks gives it all to Nicki Minaj It Explodes against the Queen of Rap!


Azealia Banks is back, after several scandals such as the name of the baby of Grimes, and the prolonged collapse of public Lana del Reywho of us did not ask himself, in what part of the green land of God was the singer?.

The Instagram of Azealia Banks

The Instagram of Azealia Banks

Well, on Monday, may 25, the one and only true agent of chaos, Miss Banks, emerged from the hole in which it had hidden and did what he does best: altering things.

But with so many scandals and controversies that arose during the long week-end, what was chosen by the singer of “212”, Azaelia Banks to break the silence?.

In a decision surprising, Azealia Banks left to Lana Del Rey and Grimes alone, and she chose to come for Nicki Minaj first. After telling some serious stories of NSFW over alleged encounters with Adrian Grenier and Dave Chappelle, Banks criticized Minaj for not testify against his partner in “Say So (Remix)” after it emerged complaints during the weekend of that Doja Cat mocked the victims of the police brutality with his song “Dindu Nuffin “and participated in video chats racist.

Azealia Banks breaks out against Nicki Minaj

“Nicki,” Banks says directly to the camera, “by all that fucking mouth you have for Cardi B for talking shit about black women, and now you shut up because you got this little number one with this white bitch […] You’re a bitch”.

If you thought that was as far as he was going to be Miss Banks, then clearly you don’t remember the artist formerly known as Azealia Banks. “Now I am remembering the past, and you were jealous of Cardi … were you jealous because she has more style than you,” said Banks to rub salt in old wounds.

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If I was not clear enough what you think of Azealia Banks’s of the situation, the interpreter continues by saying that if Nicki Minaj didn’t break the silence and called Doja Cat for his comments, then she is not the queen of rap […] You’re working with Tekashi 6ix9ine and Doja Cat and bitches wack so what? Trying to put fear in the hearts of the dogs, I’m very disappointed in you. All that shit that you’re talking about rap female and female this and female that, and look at you selling. You’re selling”.