Bella Thorne, a former actress Disney, directed a pornographic movie


The actress Bella Thornea former child star of Disney Channel who last month announced his pansexualidad, has made his debut at 21 years of age as film director with a movie pornographicannounced last Tuesday, the dedicated channel Pornhub.

“My initial idea was to create a christmas movie horrorbut instead I made a film, beautiful and ethereal,” said for his part, Thorne in a video to promote the project.

The film, titled “Her and Him” (She and he) have in the main roles to Abella Danger and Small Hands -actors popular in that category of entertainment – and includes music from the rapper Mod Sun, who was a partner of Thorne.

Within the pornographic industry

Pornhub, with headquarters in Montreal and offices in San Francisco, Houston, New Orleans and London, is the largest distributor world of pornographic material by the internet, which includes videos and photographs with professional artists and amateurs. The channel has been banned in Russia and in China.

The process of filming, has said Thorne, “it was very interesting because we had a sexual act real in the study, which is something that I had ever filmed. It is a very fun”.

The vice president of Pornhub, Corey Pricehe said in a press release that the movie tells a story in the style of Romeo and Juliet “lovers of the form intempestuosa and reckless”.

Star to activist

Thorne, born in Florida in the 1997began his artistic career at the six years of age and in 2010 assumed the role of CeCe Jonesa dancer in the series “Shake It Up -“Shake It Up! (At any rate)”- the Disney channel, becoming an actress very popular among the teenagers.

In August 2016, Thorne he announced he was a bisexual and maintaining relationships with Mod Sun and with Tana Mongeau, a music and model’s reputation in the social networks.

Later, during the last July, the young actress and singer set out his preferences, and he stated that it is “in reality pansexualand I didn’t know”, adding to the stars of the show who claim that sexual orientation is more spacious.

Definitions complex

In an interview with the program “Good Morning America”, ABC television, Thorne explained that someone who is pansexual “he likes what he likes“.

“You do not have to be a girl, or a boy or… you know, a he, a she, this or that, “he said. “It is, literally, that you like the personality, such as that you like a be“.

According to some dictionaries the pansexualidad or omnisexualidad is sexual attraction, romantic or emotional towards people regardless of your gender or sexual identity. This, in turn, has been severely criticized by a part of the collective LGBTI, accusing these people of popularizing a thinking transphobic bullyingin which trans people are considered a third gender abstract in place of men and real women.

People pansexuales refer to themselves as “gender blind”and assert that gender and sex are not determining factors in your attraction, romantic or sexual towards others, or other, or all, or some.