Brian Ortega on train to Halle Berry in martial arts: “we’re going to machacarla”


Coming a few months of intense to the oscar-winning Halle Berrythat although it seems to be back to their days of greatest glory hollywood, during which he came to be highly prized, don’t let it cook new projects for the big screen. And the next of them promises much and is giving you that talk before you have started if you want his shooting.

And is that the interpreter announced some weeks ago that he had teamed up with the athlete of mexican descent Brian Ortega, the current number 2 in the ranking of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) in the category of featherweight and one of the men most feared to face in the octagon. The young man, who came to hold a record of 14 matches unbeaten, will be in charge of preparing physically to the actress, and as I said today, laughing to TMZ Sport, not thought to be anything ‘soft’ with her.

“My goal is to get your jiu-jitsu is of the ostia”said Ortega before adding that think of “crush” to your pupil to make sure that their skills and techniques in the film resemblen as possible to those of a professional wrestler. Jiu-jitsu is also one of the specialties of the ex-number 1 in the world, so it seems fair to conclude that Berry is in the best hands possible.

Ortega has also confessed feeling pleased to be able to work with an actress of the stature of the american. And the feeling is mutual: in the publication with which the interpreter reported his collaboration with the wrestler, this called Ortega his “crush” of the month.

Halle Berry, actress, director

The tape, a drama that will take the name of ‘Bruised’, will be the debut of the american behind the camera. And is that like many other actors, veterans of races already experienced, Berry has decided to test in the field of the address. Work that will have to reconcile with their own work in the title rolea twin challenge that has already been undertaken with more or less fortune interpreters reputed comoGreta Gerwing, Ryan Gosling, or, in the last year, Bradley Cooper.

In addition, the synopsis that is known of the tape is enough to go putting the long teeth to all the fans of contact sportsbecause it focuses on the figure of a fighter of mixed martial arts fall into disfavor you will have to fight in parallel against your inner demons for having been an irresponsible mother, and against the new promise of the discipline. The film will also have the added attraction of being produced by the makers of one of the great sagas of action of the last decade, ‘John Wick’, in whose third installment the own Berry will also participate of the hand of Keanu Reeves.