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Camilo has demonstrated on many occasions that he is a hopeless romantic. Composed Tutu -as he calls his girl – and now the whole world knows it, and after brought to light Favoriteanother theme that speaks of love and what it is to live it. Now, the artist has returned to show everyone how in love that is of his wife, has tattooed his name on the side: Evaluna.

The followers of the artist have shown their amazement at the comments of the photo, creandose two “sides” hopelessly divided: those who believe that it is a demonstration of love in the entire rule and who believe that it is a madness. “I loved that demonstration of love”, commented one of his followers, while others have defined it as “the classic error of the 20s”.

Be that as it may, the artist is proud of carrying his girl in the skin. In addition, many will compare with Anuel, who decided to bring Karol G for always in your back… its just a drawing!

Evaluna also wanted to show off guy on Instagram with a video of the tattoo: “Stay with the that tattoo your name”, he wrote. Camilo and his girl, Evaluna, gave the “I do” in mid-February in Miami. A wedding idyll of the that all the world spoke. In addition, the special day out video clip For The First Time.

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