Cardi B gets into a panic due to an increase in cases of COVID-19 | THE IMPARTIAL


UNITED STATES.- Cardi B is without a doubt one of the celebrities who is not afraid to say what he feels and that has made it very clear then that he would come to social networks to point out that he is ‘scared to death’ by cases on the rise of the coronavirus.

The rapper said that far from keeping calm, panicked. However, it is taking preventative measures to not get infected with the virus, which has already been declared by the WHO as a pandemic.

Cardi comaprtió a video in which ensures that the propagation of the COVID-19 should not be taken as a joke, but with the seriousness it requires.

“Yes, keep playing. I’m scared to death. I’m catering of food,” he wrote at the foot of the video where he notes that the situation has already become a very serious problem.

Within their hysteria, the singer said he plans to travel to Antarctica, to protect and keep safe his family.

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