Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, and the decision to hide the “likes” of Instagram


Instagram it has become the social network most beloved of our generation for many reasons, so any change in the application form a great stir on its millions of users.

And just this is what has happened with the latest announcement made by the CEO of the company, which says it will start hide likes the photos.

Notice! We have been trying to hide likes in Instagram in several countries this year. We are extending these tests to include a small portion of people in the united States next week. We look forward to the comments!

In a first moment it may sound a good idea, since there are many people that feel a pressure excessive by getting “likes” on their photos, but there are those who think they really the problem of Instagram is in the comments.

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj are against hide likes on Instagram

Cardi B reacted to the news by stating that “it would be more useful to do something with the comments” because “there is where the hatred and still be fun IG”.

This is just my opinion… I mean, what makes you feel more insecure when you do not have like me or that people constantly give opinions on you, your life and your issues?

Artists such as Stefflon Gift and Kehlani commented on your video to let us know that you are in agreement with the opinion of Bardi, since it is in that section where it generates more toxicitynot in the “I like”.

But the most radical opinion to date has been that of Nicki Minaj, who has spoken long and hard about everything you think is behind the new decision of Instagram.

According to Onika, there is only one economic interest, because the brands no longer go to the influencers to do advertising, but we will contact you directly with IG. His theory is based on that already changed the algorithm previously to that the users have to pay for the visibility.

#NickiMinaj has not finished talking about these new changes that are going to get to #IG.

In this way, Nicki has decided to to leave the social network in a sign of protest. And what is certain is that we will not lack reason, because there are people with millions of followers that they have little scope in their publications.

Kim Kardashian also has talked about the likes of Instagram

This issue has become in the topic of the moment because it is not known what will become of the influencersbut one of the most important in the world, Kim Kardashian, has also pronounced on the matter and is not exactly against.

In terms of the mental healthI want to say that remove the “I like” would be really beneficial to the people.

These were his words during a conference of the New York Times perhaps because he has his million policyholders and this measure will not entail any economic loss. Juicy J also shares this view and ensures that “it is time to return to real life”.

Instagram is removing the “I like”, time to get back to real life.

Be that as it may, Instagram has revolutionized the whole world and we don’t know very well what is going to happen when they start to disappear likes. If the truth of the reason has to do with economic issues, the entire system that has been created through the advertising the platform runs quite danger.

On the other hand, if it is really a matter of pressure and the hooking of the users, you may feel well more than one, although do not forget that the “I like” will continue to exist, only that we will not be able to see the rest.

Until now, Instagram was our favorite social networkwe’ll see if after these changes it continues to remain so.

There are also those who should leave the social networks because the bundle all the time, like YG, who has shared a video in which he displayed a bag of marijuana to her daughter of 4 years.