Cardi B warning to those who laugh at cov


Now that the COVID-19 this lashing different areas of the world she had something to say on the topic and published a video in his account of Instagram.

The clip was posted makes a few hours, the young rapper with his characteristic style of talk, and a look very caribbean said:

Let me tell you something government, I don’t know what it is this Coronavirusbut I do not understand something Wuhan Chinanow, suddenly, this of tour, I’m scared, I’m a little scared

Within the clip it also says that if the people who receive your packages originating from China would be at risk of getting and to finish commented: ‘this is real, it is real’.

To finish off, the native of New York placed in the description of your publication:

Yes, keep playing, I’m afraid.

I’m stocking food.

Apparently the message was for all the people who make mockery or memes of the real situation existing not only of the affected countries, but is of the world, because according to the Organization of the United Nationsthe WHO already ranked as global pandemic.

The video you have more of 9 million of reproductionsin the comments there are people that support Cardi B and express that you are also scared, there are others who will say they are not alarmed the people, that it is just a respiratory illness, the singer took away the option to continue to respond to your clip.

United States it is one of the countries hardest hit by the COVID-19 already estimates have been reported over a thousand cases of infected people with this knowledge, which has taken the lives of many of victims, the city of Washington is the place that most infections recorded within the territory.

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