Come out to the light images before they reach the fame


Natti Natasha, one of the queens of the genre, urban current, is becoming more and more known for your growth as an artist. For the same reason, their photographs and videos cause a stir among her millions of followers on social networks.

Considered as the pump sexy reggaeton Natti Natasha chose that they know your past, when there was a star. For this reason, the singer has shared some images in which you can see what it looked like before be famous and, of course, that the changes are noticeable.

A few days ago via a direct Instagram, the artist he said that he took the opportunity to get a special device and to correct an imperfection in your mouth. “What a story so that you can’t just say that I had the operation”, said between laughter.

And is that Natti Natasha has no problem in recognizing their aesthetic operations. During a television interview, “the hardest of the hard”, as is known, he was asked about his breast surgery. The singer had no problem, why put breast implants. “He had always said that I never would breast, but changed my mind. I had one bigger than the other, as happens to many women, and I didn’t feel comfortable. I don’t regret it, I needed this change”, explained.

In the professional field we have been able to see working with a lot of artists such as Becky G, Nicky Jam, Manuel Turizo, Farruko or Romeo Santos. Without a doubt, Natti Natasha has established itself as one of the queens of reggae and also a symbol in feminism