Do you practice gymnastics? Mimics the best looks of famous Watch Selena Gomez red!

Although the fitness center are closed, there is no excuse for not exercising and from home. The famous you know what and make. Do you also? Then, join the style of the celebrities with their beautiful sets sports. I just choose to!

During these last few weeks exercising at home it became novel to many. The famous, for example, who cannot perform their daily routines in a gym, practice in the four walls of their homes.

Even so, do not lose that style that characterizes it, in skinny and modern sets, sports fans can catch when they attend on a daily basis at gyms. If you want to seem like one of them and not lose the style when you train, we’ll show you the best outfits.

Beyoncé and Olivia Blame are two clear examples that the grey is the ally a must for gym clothes. In both cases, they opted for tops and trousers long. Jennifer Lopez also, but got a jacket and white print psychedelic in their shims.

The model Winnie Harlow, in contrast, presumes the good results of the exercise in a black suit, adorning your look with a jacket and a fanny pack of the same color. 33-year-old, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is the most classical, while Bella Hadid with 23 opt for stripes rozas in your set sports black.

Don’t miss out the style while you’re doing gymnastics.

On the other hand, Ashley Graham hides her black top in a t-shirt from Nike lila and the singer Selena Gomez poses in network with a diver knotted. Romee Strijd captivates the camera with a suit celeste, and the international model Kendall Jenner shows your great figure dressed in black. What’s your favourite?

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