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Everyone will be surprised when Adele posted a picture on his Instagram after several months of silence, and the saw is very different, with 70 pounds less. One of the people that generated such a change in the artist is Dominique Fradin-Read, a doctor from Los Angeles who now told how he achieved those results with his patient.

In an interview with US Weekly explained their tricks and clarified that this is not only to do physical activity. As explained, the sport should be a part of a transformation of the broader lifestyle of the person, as important as mental health, diet and well-being of those who want to lose weight.

“Many patients who come to us tried to lose weight previously, but did not succeed and it was recovered, and even more. For successful weight loss and sustainable, we must look at the person in whole and not just address the weight separately”said the professional.

Adele dropped by 70 kg

The interpreter of “Hello” went down to 70 kg

Talking specifically about the treatment, said: “We analyzed the metabolic function: how the patient is beginning to develop insulin resistance? We observed the hormone, such an important part of the weight gain in the menopause. We investigated the levels of thyroid and cortisol”.

“We take into account the habits: why do most of us behave well all day and we crashed for the night? We evaluate the stress and sleep. We talk about mood and mental health. When addressing all of these elements, then we can start a custom diet … and to recommend the exercise as needed, Then, it will work”, held over all the possible conflicts that may present a patient.

He also spoke about the intensity of your work with each person to help: “I combine all the tools and methods in our therapeutic arsenal, starting with approaches that are more natural and changes in lifestyle, vitamins / supplements, to recommend peptides, rebalance hormones, and finally prescribe medications that are appropriate for each patient”.

Adele caught by paparazzi

In full quarantine, Adele was caught by paparazzi while doing a hike.

When it was researched specifically for the case of Adele, avoided the subject: “I have moral and legal obligations to protect the privacy of all patients, both mine as others. For that reason, I can not confirm nor deny any information, but yes, I like to talk about my work as a health and various treatments, therapies, products and services offered by my practice, but do not provide information about specific individuals”.

While each body is different, as advice widespread to change eating habits and lose weight, Dominique says that you must embrace the mediterranean diet, as well as the healthy menus suggested by the chef Michel Guérard.

“I developed a visual method for make all of you to imagine a plate divided into several parts: green vegetables should occupy approximately two-thirds of the plate; protein-good source of one-third and the last part is reserved to the carbs. And, in addition, you can add healthy fats, such as olive oil, avocado or nuts”.

According to the specialist, a good weight-loss diet is comprised of foods that are rich in nutrients, protein, good carbs, healthy fats, and dairy, but with a more complex objective: That people are good about themselves and maintain a commitment for the rest of your life.