Emilia Clarke chilean raging in Tik Tok with his undeniable resemblance to the actress


A chilean equal to Emilia Clarke shocked users of Tik Tok with its tremendous and undeniable resemblance to the actress of “Games of Thrones”.

The young man, identified as Javiera Lopez, began to become viral thanks to a series of videos where mimics are cognizant of some scenes of “Me before you”, a film where the acclaimed interpreter of Hollywood is the protagonist.

As if outside little similarity with the uk, Jamie decided to personificarse as much like the character of the aforementioned film… I even recreated the gestures of the tender Louisa Clark!

Before the furore caused in the application of the time, the student of cinematography spoke with Bio Bio Chile and revealed that compared with the actress since he was in college.

“Since I was in fourth means (I spoke of the resemblance), but when I went to the U I took into consideration what I said, because it was already a lot of people. But I did not dare to do cosplay or something like that due to lack of time, and fear on the part of do it wrong”, he said.

“It’s super strange because I’m not used to comment so much of what I do, but I like it. Most of the comments are positive, if I found very similar, but it is best to know that you enjoy the videos that I upload,” he said about his success on the video platform.