Emilia Clarke is proposed to be the next agent 007


Emilia Clarke is proposed to be the next agent 007

The next year, hits theaters the next film James Bondstarring Daniel Craig. With the end of the actor, there was much talk about an upcoming agent 007. In the midst of these rumors, Emilia Clarke it offered very excited for the role.

The next film James Bondstarring Daniel Craig, will arrive in cinemas next year. With a large cast, where figure Rami Malek as the villain, viewers expect No Time to Die to become a great success. But this film brought with it rumors of an upcoming agent 007, and it is here where it appears Emilia Clarke.

In a new interview with Empire, Emilia Clarke he expressed excitement to become the next super spy. Recall that in previous months, it was said that Lashana Lynch you could be the next James Bond. However, only addressed rumors that for the moment have not been confirmed. Other rumors also indicate that Sony it is planning a series of films spin-off with the woman to take the baton from the officer, but nothing of this was confirmed.

Emilia Clarke is proposed to be the next agent 007

What the next agent 007?

In the interview, Emilia Clarke was very enthusiastic about taking the role of agent 007: “Yes! Of course! Of course! James Bond is one of those franchises where everything is great. Literally, you could interpret James Bond is more unpleasant in the world and it would still be great.”

Emilia Clarke jumped to world fame thanks to Game of Thrones, where I gave life to the great Daenerys Targaryen, the Mother of Dragons. The actress just premiered his new film Last Christmasa romantic comedy christmas written by Emma Thompson. Apparently, the tape has failed to take off and could become another failure of his career. Remember that Emilia does not usually have good luck on the big screen, there we have examples like Terminator Genesis, Han Solo: A History of Star Wars and Voices Hidden.