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Halsey it is one of the pop singers most requested of the moment. The interpreter american is located in one of their best moments as professionals. Without going further, has launched this weekend your new theme Clementine, where it appears dancing with her brother Sevian.

But it seems that not only goes well on the job Halesey. Or a lot less. The singer of 25 years has been seen walking around these days with a famous actor: nothing more and nothing less than Evan Peters. Sure, if you are a follower or a follower of American Horror, this name rings a bell. This is one of the favorite performers of the director of the series Ryan Murphy: he has participated in almost all the seasons of American Horror Story. Also what have you been able to see in Pose or in X-Men: Apocalypse. Come on, that has not stopped.

Well, the singer and the actor have been spotted together spending a nice day in the theme park Six Flags Magic Mountain Los Angeles. What’s best of all? That there is photo of them when they were falling out of a roller coaster. The couple, like two lovers, it gave the hand to fall to the vacuum.

The most fun of the matter is that in the past, Halsey showed that he liked Evan in a tweet 2012. He did so after seeing the second season American Horror Story, in which Peters gives life to a young psychopath: “In truth, Evan Peters, stop doing that I attract assumptions sociopaths accused of murder.”

Two years later, in 2014, the singer returned to mention the attraction that he felt for the actor in his Twitter account: “Petition for Evan Peters to quit with me.” It seems that in the end, your wishes have become a reality.

Halsey was coming out more than a year with rapper G-Eazy until they decided to put an end to their relationship in 2018. In January of 2019 was seen on several occasions with the singer alternative Yungblud, but it seems that they decided to end their relationship in the summer.

For his part, Evan Peters spent seven years hanging out with the actress Emma Roberts, with whom he coincided in several seasons American Horror Storyuntil march of 2019 they decided to end their relationship.

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