Fashion icons: They are the fashion icons of all time


The second half of the TWENTIETH century was witness to the power of the Latin american women they achieved a status of regarding style and canons of elegance. We look here at some of the fashion icons that created a legacy that we honor.

Bianca Jagger

The nicaraguan Bianca Perez, who became the wife of Mick Jagger, he was a pioneer in capturing the male wardrobe as a sign of empowerment. Bianca was one of the figures most important of the fashion industry in the seventies, being the wife of a Rolling Stone and a friend of Andy Warhol, Jagger was the more views on the night life and regular of Studio 54 in New York, in 1970.

Carolina Herrera

Among those who placed Latin america on the map of the elegance is Carolina Herrera. In the years 70, she topped the list of women best dressed and in 1981, after her first fashion show, it cemented his status as icon.

Carolina Herrera at Studio 54 next to Bianca Jagger, 1789.

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María Félix

One of the fashion icons that marked the popular culture and the style of the TWENTIETH century was The Doña, who was also a symbol of female empowerment, even to the point of making the topic is to do a common cause. Maria Felix was known as much for its beauty as for her talent but also for their imposing style.

Tina Aumont

Daughter of model and actress Dominican María MontézTina followed in the footsteps of her mother and came to impose a style in which the sensuality of the caribbean, and the cosmopolitanism of european amalgamated to perfection to mark an epoch in the fashion.

Tina Aumont in a set hippie.

Kouka Denis

Since the last century, the models for Latin america have been on the pages of the history of fashion as muses of major designers and as empowered women who leave their mark.

Kouka. the model for excellence was the muse, argentina Hubert de Givenchy, Yves Saint-Laurent and Thierry Mugler. She was one of the Latin american most prestigious and relief in that moment, in which the models became as never before in the stars of the industry.

Salma Hayek

Following the legacy of the actresses mexican that marked patterns among the most influential women of the cinema of the last century, Salma Hayek transcend also as an entrepreneur who has imposed canons of beauty and elegance in the world in the fashion and luxury. Salma it stands out for its style that goes from street style to the red carpet, being your image is one of the most prominent of all time.

Salma Hayek photographed by Alexi Lubomirski for Vogue Mexico and Latin america

Frida Kahlo

Those who doubt that fashion is an art and a testament to the individuality of creative have your denial in the most influential artist and personality most important of his generation, was able to assert itself as a universal myth. Frida Kahlo reflected their originality and creativity not only in his works but that he intervened and transformed what was around her, including herself. The artist created her image and constructed her personality through her way of dressing.

Elena Garro

Long before the theme of female empowerment managed to consolidate itself as a just cause and urgent, Elena showed that it was through his profession… and his height as the leader of the style.

Playwright, writer and journalist, Garro is one of the most important intellectual in the history of America. This woman lived and outlined its work in accordance with that dictated their individuality, and so it did with your style.

Dolores Del Rio

Since the film was in its early raisins, until the era in which the image is moved in the social networks, the woman Mexican has been well represented by faces and influential personalities, full of talent and with strong points of view.

Your beauty and talent will position themselves among the elite of the seventh art from the 20’s to the end of the decade of 1950. Inspiration of many artists and designers, Dolores Rios was the first Latin-american to succeed in Hollywood.