For this reason they claim that Becky G is pregnant (+PHOTO)

Becky G would be in the sweet waiting, negus his followers after he posted a controversial photo.

The renowned singer of american origin, and mexican roots. Becky G, without a doubt, with just 23 years of age, has managed to become one of the most important artists of the time, this is thanks to their musical themes, which have given a lot to talk about.

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However, on this occasion, Becky G is located in the fore public and not pecisamaente by a musical success, if not a photo of her that has gone viral, in which it appears with quite a lot of sagging in the area of your abdomen. In the image posted in an account at fans on IG, it appears the young man wearing a bathing suit two-piece in shades of white and black.

But, a detail that does not pass unnoticed by the internet is the tummy that you note to the singer and is that there are those who claim and question about Becky G’s would probably be pregnant, in addition to the star’s youth has received some criticism for look weight gain.

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